MEPCO Customer Service: How to Contact and Resolve Complaints in 2024

Dealing with power outages, billing issues, or any other electricity-related problems can be frustrating. If you’re a customer of MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company), knowing how to contact customer service and resolve complaints effectively is crucial. This article guides you through the best ways to reach out to MEPCO, how to file a complaint, and what to expect from their customer service system.

How to Contact MEPCO Customer Service?

MEPCO offers several ways to contact their customer service for assistance with billing, service interruptions, or complaints. Here are the most common methods:

  • MEPCO Helpline: MEPCO’s primary helpline number is 0800-63726, a toll-free line for general complaints and specifically for theft of electricity. This number is also useful for inquiries about load shedding, meter issues, or to file a complaint.
  • MEPCO Contact Number: For more general inquiries, like checking the status of applications or getting a duplicate copy of your bill, you can call 061-9220273. This number is helpful for resolving various customer service issues.
  • Email: You can email MEPCO customer service at with your inquiries or complaints. When sending an email, ensure you include your customer account information and a clear description of the issue.
  • Visit a MEPCO Office: For more complex issues or if you prefer face-to-face interaction, visit your nearest MEPCO office. This is a good option for submitting documents or resolving issues that require more attention.

What Services Does MEPCO Customer Service Provide?

MEPCO customer service provides a range of services to meet customer needs. Here are some of the key services:

  • Billing and Payment Assistance: If you have questions about your MEPCO bill or need help with payment, customer service can guide you through the process. They explain bill charges, payment options, and due dates. MEPCO also provides online payment options and a modern Oracle-based billing system for accurate billing.
  • Complaint Resolution: MEPCO has a system for handling customer complaints, whether it’s related to power outages, meter issues, or billing discrepancies. You can file a complaint through the MEPCO Helpline or contact number and receive a complaint reference number to track its progress.
  • Technical Support: If you have technical issues with your electricity connection or need information on meter readings, MEPCO customer service can provide support or direct you to the appropriate department. MEPCO uses advanced technology like HHUs (Handheld Units) and AMR (Automated Meter Reading) to ensure accurate meter readings.

How to File a Complaint with MEPCO?

Filing a complaint with MEPCO is straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Identify the Problem: Determine the issue you want to address. It could be related to your bill, a power outage, or a service problem.
  2. Contact MEPCO Customer Service: You can file a complaint by calling the MEPCO Helpline at 0800-63726 or the general contact number at 061-9220273. You can also send an email or visit a MEPCO office. Clearly explain your issue and provide any relevant information, such as your customer account number or bill details.
  3. Receive a Complaint Reference Number: After filing your complaint, MEPCO provides a reference number to track the status of your complaint. This is crucial for following up and ensuring your issue is resolved.
  4. Follow Up: If your complaint isn’t resolved promptly, use the reference number to follow up with MEPCO. You can call the helpline or visit a MEPCO office to escalate the issue.

What Information Do You Need for a Complaint?

To ensure your complaint is handled efficiently, here’s what you need:

  • Customer Account Information: Your MEPCO customer account number is essential for identifying your account and accessing your records.
  • Detailed Description of the Issue: Clearly explain the problem you’re experiencing, including specific details like unexpected charges or incorrect meter readings.
  • Supporting Documents: Provide any supporting documents, such as a copy of your bill or proof of payment, to expedite the resolution process.

How to Follow Up on a Complaint?

Following up on a complaint ensures it gets resolved. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Keep Your Complaint Reference Number: This allows you to track the status of your complaint and get updates from MEPCO customer service.
  2. Call the MEPCO Helpline: Use the reference number to inquire about the progress of your complaint. Customer service representatives can give you an update on its status and expected resolution time.
  3. Visit a MEPCO Office: If your complaint isn’t resolved within a reasonable timeframe, visit a MEPCO office to escalate the issue. Face-to-face interaction can sometimes expedite the process.

Common MEPCO Customer Complaints and Solutions

Customers may face various issues with MEPCO, from billing problems to power outages. Here are some common complaints and their solutions:

  • Billing Discrepancies: If you find discrepancies in your MEPCO bill, like unexpected charges or incorrect meter readings, contact customer service immediately. MEPCO’s advanced billing system ensures accurate billing, reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • Power Outages: Power outages can be frustrating, especially if they last for an extended period. If you’re experiencing frequent outages, file a complaint with MEPCO. They can investigate the cause and work to restore service. MEPCO provides updated load shedding schedules on its website to keep customers informed.
  • Customer Service Delays: If you’re experiencing delays in resolving your complaint, escalate the issue by visiting a MEPCO office or asking to speak to a supervisor. Persistence often leads to faster results.
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